Life First, Then Business

OK – Let’s talk NOT compromising…

There are a lot of people out there selling a lot of stuff and telling you a lot of things you MUST do:

  • Build your website.
  • Blog.
  • Post on social media.
  • Write emails.
  • Create great graphics.
  • Do video.
  • Do webinars. 
  • Get on calls.
  • Send DMs.
  • Be active in the comments. 
  • and on and on and on! 

There’s a time when we’re new and we just look for SOMEONE to tell us what to do because we simply don’t know. 

The big issue that can come up is that if you follow someone else… you might not like the business you build. 

You might want more freedom. Less things on the calendar. Less people demanding your time. If you don’t think of these things FROM THE START then you might build a successful business but your life might not look the way you want… and if that’s the case it’s going to be a big mess to untangle and recreate what you want. 

I ALWAYS think of my lifestyle first. 

I will NOT do things that compromise my free time and lifestyle. 

To me it goes:

If I were to attend webinars all week, in the evenings, that affects my family life. 

If I were to book coaching calls all week, during the day, that affects my ability to have time-freedom and to jump up to be there for Ella or other family/friends when need-be. 

If I were to be on social media posting and commenting and DM-ing that affects my mental health and anxiety levels. 

The problem for many people, though, is they don’t KNOW they don’t HAVE TO do these things.

They think it’s “the way”. The way you HAVE TO do it or you can’t be successful.

I’m not here to tell you any way is THE WAY. 

There are SO MANY WAYS… you literally have a pick your own adventure life when it comes to building a business online. 

The adventure I pick, as you may know, is to Email for a Living. I have found it fits best for ME… will it fit for you? Maybe, maybe not. But if you want to check out my AWESOME new program then check it out here while registration is open and join me if you think it could be JUST the right thing that does not ever compromise your life vision:

Email for a Living

I have to take my prompts for my girl Ella, too. She knows what she wants, always. There’s no thought in her mind that she can’t total build her own adventure. I LOVE that about her. 

Kids are like that… nobody’s drilled so deep into their psyche to make them think there’s anything they can’t do. The world is wide open for opportunity! 

Breakthrough Moments

This email topic feels big to write about. 

I wrote the subject and then I just kind of sat here thinking for a moment. 

What I want to share with you today is about determination, motivation and, I guess, working for those breakthrough moments. 

I recently had what seems to be a pretty big breakthrough. 

It started by my listening to the audio book “The eMyth Revisited” which I had heard I should read many times over the years but never actually got to doing so. I just find audiobooks so much easier at the moment so I have an Audible account that kind of forces me to pick one book per month since I pay for it – works for me. 

Anyway – in the eMyth there was a line that stuck out to me SO MUCH that I actually sent an email to my friend and accountability partner Cindy Bidar about it. 

It was this:
“Your business is nothing but a direct reflection of who you are.”


I know some of you may admire what I’ve done to date but when I read that all I could think of was what I HADN’T done yet. My initial reaction was to send it to Cindy because she’s the consistency queen. She built a membership to over 400++ members and multiple six figures and that – I have not done YET. So I feel like I haven’t gotten “there” yet in many ways and I was feeling the PINCH when I emailed Cindy about it. 

I won’t share our whole back and forth conversation about it but I have to tell you that by the time we finished email I think I was in FULL breakthrough mode. By the way Cindy isn’t offering coaching (before you ask) but she has an amazing membership called Six Figure Systems and if she’s sounding like an awesome person to learn from – SHE IS – and you can learn more about Cindy here

I’m assuming your wondering what my breakthrough was – here it is:

My business WILL work if I consistently build on what works and improve upon what works. It’s as simple as that. No emotions needed. It’s MATH. 

And the part where Cindy told me “it’s just Math” is when something in my brain clicked.

Let me give you an example in Party Plan Divas. 

I bought Divas for $1000 when it was making $200/month in ads and had no other revenue. We lost the ads in the site transfer and I wasn’t interested in pursuing ad revenue (see my blog post about why I hate reading blogs with ads). 

So I did what I know works – I started creating digital products and selling them. I created a recurring revenue stream with a subscription – the Diva Success Club. I emailed my list daily with those offers. 

That’s NOT complicated. 

When I get X number of people to open the emails, they click the links to the products and they buy it or join the club. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The list is actually growing on it’s own through opt-ins on the site (it gets decent traffic) so this is a FULL and complete system that I can use to grow this business – and I am! 

The breakthrough for me is that I LOVE to try new things, I LOVE to build new websites and I LOVE to doubt myself. I think something is not working and instead of giving it the chance to build momentum I’ll try something else. Like I tried to sell Party Plan Divas for $53 and then dropped it to $23 because I was getting impatient – that’s a prime example. I came to my senses and put it back up and realized that I was acting on EMOTION, not LOGIC. 

Those of us who are empaths – who run on emotion – can run our businesses on emotions, too – what’s fun, what’s new, what’s interesting. I LOVE my emotional part but it’s run a bit wild over the least few years. I’m sure Covid hasn’t helped! 

So here’s where I land with all of this and how it impacts my business moving forward:

  • I am fully responsible for where I am in business at the moment and I own that (I actually really LOVE where I’m at, too, so I’m good with that). 
  • I have a PEACE in knowing it works – it almost ALL works and if not you tweak it until it does. I can stop second-guessing myself and just live in the confidence that things will continue to work, people will continue to want things and I will never lose the skill of being able to show up and help people get what they need. 
  • It’s MATH. If I get 100 people to a salespage that converts at 10% I get 10 sales. It’s my job to get more people to that salespage if I want more sales. Simple as that. And that doesn’t need to happen overnight (and rarely does). I can build it day by day, consistent activity by consistent activity. 

This was my pre-spring 2022 breakthrough. I don’t have a name for it but I’m pretty sure it’s changed me. I thought I’d share in case you get some value out of this and can see yourself in some part of it. If you didn’t I’m sorry you read all this for nothing I’m sorry, lol! 

If you want to read about my breakthrough on money later last year and give that one a shot here’s the email I wrote about that (it’s starts in the “Speaking of money..” section at the bottom of the email). πŸ˜‰ 

Have you experienced any business breakthroughs lately? They’re always fun. I’d love to hear about it or hear from you about anything. 

Minimalistic Blogging

This is my third blog post in a row about blogging.

I had a message for bloggers who fill their blogs with ads here.

Then I talked about how this blog is mostly unedited here.

Today I want to talk about how FREEING it is to just blog.

I’m mostly quit social media.

I have one site that I’m in the process of finding a buyer for that has thousands of followers on social media so as much as I’d like to right now I don’t feel good about dropping or deleting accounts that could be worth money. So I’m still ON social kinda, but my heart is elsewhere.

I’m ready to fully disconnect from both Facebook and Instagram once the site is sold.

I tell you this because when I write a blog post here I write a blog post here. I’m not worried about where I need to share it, what graphics I need to create, what images I need to add.

I don’t like stock images for blogs or even much for sites…they are just not real enough for me.

I gave myself permission NOT to need a picture with every post. This blog is words… if you’re not ready to read then this isn’t the place for you.

I gave myself permission to NOT worry about social sharing. If any of my posts end up being good enough to share on social media it’ll get shared but honestly I don’t know how I even feel about that. I’d rather you send it to someone via email, I think.

I’ve just decided that I won’t add social share links to this site, I’m definitely not maintaining social accounts and I’m not making special graphics for Pinterest, Facebook, IG, etc, etc.

I’m JUST blogging.

Content for you, here, now.

It’s VERY freeing.

I have written three blog posts here tonight after putting my daughter to bed, unplanned. It’s like my ability to write blog posts was suddenly unleashed after I removed all the old content from this site from my 2015-2021 membership site and decided to Keep It Simple and Minimal.

I went back to the classic blog format.
I decided to show the full blog post on the main page of the blog…

Easy peasy.

Content here and now with no hoops or fancy things.

We’re bombarded too much. I don’t want to add to that. I don’t want to show you dozens of things and have you try to make sense of it.

So… I’ve gone on long enough.

This blog is simply a blog. That’s it. And I love how free and clear that feels. I hope it makes sense for you, too.

This blog is mostly unedited.

I always thought of a blog to be an online journal.

A stream of thoughts and ideas… sometimes with a point and sometimes not.

A place to practice being a writer.

That’s what a blog meant to me.

These days blogs are used in many other ways.

My least favorite way is a blog full of ads.
Then there’s the content articles published in blog format.

I’ve halted my blogging more than a couple of times because I thought I had to do better, be better. Be more researched, more organized, more edited.

But naw, this blog is mostly unedited.

Hey if I spot a mistake I’ll fix it but I’m not here to show you how perfect I learned punctuation… I’m here for so much more than that!

Did you know that the word “blog” comes from “weblog” (web log) meaning it was/is a chronological “log” of someone’s life, activities, etc.

That’s what I intend to do here. I’ll be chronicling my continued adventures as a mom in business who LOVES new things, writes like she’s talking to a friend, can sell practically anything she finds worthy without being salesy and who has dedicated her business life to helping other moms run business that give them ALL the time they want to live life and enjoy their family!

I hope you like my little, mostly unedited weblog. πŸ™‚

Bloggers: I Won’t Read Your Ad-Filled Blog Posts

Before we go too far please note that I write this with the highest respect for the work and art that goes into writing. This post is meant to present an opinion from the view of a reader, a blogger and a marketer.

I totally get it that you have to earn a living for your work.

Please allow me to present another, very viable option, from my own experiences and observations.

Let’s get to it: I Can’t Stand Reading Blogs with Ads

There I said it.

I’m reading your great post and scrolling down and noticing myself skipping over the ads without even looking but then scrolling back up to make sure I didn’t skip over something that is part of the content. OR I’m reading and I acknowledge the ad and get confused… is it part of the content? No? Ok… keep reading. OR I see the ad, get annoyed because it’s the tenth one and I’m only partway down the post and I leave, even though I really wanted to read your post.

Recently I’ve been trying hard to quit social media. So instead I have been going to Pinterest to search on various topics of interest to me to read blog posts on those topics – things I want to learn, do, have, etc.

This is where I’m finding almost ALL blogs are filled with ads.

It just makes your post unreadable to me.

I’m a blogger, too.

Now I’m no professional blogger but I did write my first post in 2005. I get how personal they are to you when you put your heart and soul into it.

Did Someone Tell You This is The Only Way?

It’s not.

I can 100% tell you it’s not.

At the beginning of last year (2021) I purchased a blog that was once one of the top blogs in the industry it speaks for. It still gets a decent amount of traffic and has tens of thousands of followers on social media.

When I bought this blog I had a choice – become a pro-blogger (which I had no real idea how to do) OR continue on in my skills as an email marketer.

I choose Email Marketer.

This is the option I’m proposing to you.

You can keep your blog posts CLEAN and CLEAR of ads and drive your traffic to an email list.

You probably have build a list already. I’m just saying you could build it bigger, focus on it AND send them emails – a lot of emails.

The brand I bought was used to not that many emails. They weren’t used to being sold via email, either. I wasn’t worried. I jumped right in, started sending emails with HIGH value and put in offers that were highly relevant, didn’t break up my content and were really just more ways to HELP my audience with the reason they were there – not distract them and interrupt them with ads that were of no relevance to what they were reading my emails for.

I had to say it.

I wish you to know the power of email marketing.

Ang ❀

Business Model: How to Sell a Workshop a Month

Hey… I just meant to record a short video showing you how I use Coach Glue content but I ended up recording a pretty thorough explanation of how I make money selling workshops & downloads. 

How to Sell a Workshop a Month & Build a Recurring Income Business:

It’s only 22 minutes long but I think it’s so useful you’ll want to watch it twice. Maybe put it on double-time the first time so it takes 11 mins, then watch again and take notes on regular speed for a total of 33mins. 

I think that 33 mins could give you a business model you can take and create lifestyle freedom with, a recurring income base, a live you love, even! 

If you happen to grab it and go for it I’d LOVE to hear how it goes. Please do check in. 

Nothing to sell here, not really.

I do mention how I use Coach glue.
I tell you the business model in full detail.
I also share how my Brand Takeovers and Brand Builds work. 

Minimalist Marketing & Life

Hey .

Minimalism is so attractive, isn’t it?

Less stuff.
Less to take care of.
Less to manage.
Less to organize.

When I look at what I’ve been doing lately there are things that fit minimalism and things that don’t.

Things that don’t fit:

Mainly I’m thinking what doesn’t fit right now is that I want to do a lot of things, as always.

I have and I have made some really good plans for how to kick it up a notch with this site this year if I don’t find the right buyer.

I have been emailing here at and I’d like to start blogging, again, here, too. Fun fact: My first blog post EVER was on and the subject was “Poker. I won!” . It’s not published anymore. It was on Blogger. I was playing poker with my family and won is the long and short of that story, lol.

Then of course I bought Brand Springboard – a buy and sell site of sorts.

AND I have my site which I actually published a new blog post to yesterday.

Nothing about all those sites and content and streams of income is minimal.

But maybe that’s why minimalism is so attractive to me in OTHER spaces of my life.

Things I’m doing to create a Minimalist Life & Business:

Minimalist Facebook

Two days ago (or was it yesterday) I unfriended EVERYONE on Facebook except my Mom and Matt (hubby). I even unfriended my son but then when I got to Mom I couldn’t do it so I asked Hayden to friend me back, lol.

The solution of unfriending everyone rather than closing down my account allows me to run the Facebook group and page for

It was a good choice.

It was a SIGH of relief.

Now there’s no noisy feed filled with everyone’s lives that I can’t help myself to peek at – there’s nothing to peek at – minimalist.

Minimalist Wardrobe

Another minimalist thing I have wanted to do for YEARS is a capsule wardrobe. I’m going to give it a go, tonight. I’m going a step further even and go for a bit of a “uniform” wardrobe.

Tonight I will wash up all my laundry and PACKUP everything except for seven outfits. That’s it, one for each day. JUST enough for each day so I have to wash every single Sunday. I’m going to keep it pretty uniform so there are no decisions to be made about what to wear.

I just need to decide if my uniform is jeans or leggings. It’s a tough decision because I can do everything in leggings. But do I like that look more than the jeans and dark t-shirt look I’ve liked most of my life? I shall decide tonight!

Minimalist Household (not counting kids stuff)

Yet another minimalist thing I like to do is not buy stuff. LOL. I don’t like decorations or trinkets or even stuff on my walls. It makes it easy and it feels less cluttered to me. Plus, our house is small and I feel like the more stuff we add the smaller it gets.

Minimalist WordPress

I’ve been CLEANING out my WordPress installs and starting new ones LEAN.

I created this site for a client using just the free version of Astra:

I wasn’t sure it would be possible to create a good looking site on a free theme but it is – and now we don’t need a complicated website builder like Thrive Themes or Elementor. Just a simple free theme and a focus on the content and we’re good to go.

Minimalist Marketing

Now I get attracted to shiny new marketing methods. Right now I’m interested in how to get traffic from Pinterest and how to do SEO for traffic and sales, etc.

When it comes down to it, though, there has and probably always will be one main marketing method that NEVER lets me down.

Email Marketing.

I was looking at my stats for Party Plan Divas today and I’m getting over 1,000 people opening my emails per day. That’s 1,000 eyes on my content. That’s powerful and hard, hard, hard to beat.

These emails I sent to you get 500-600 people opening them, too.

Email is my one thing. It works.

It’s minimal in the fact that I know what to do to make money and it’s the same thing over and over. The other things I do in my “extra” time… hahahaha! What’s that?

Minimize to Maximize

This is a bit of a rambly email.

I think I have a point, though and I guess it is this:

What can YOU minimize in your life and business in order to maximize on results, ease, efficiency or PEACE?

Cheers and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Building a Sustainable Business – Passive Recurring Income Examples

You may know that in February of this year I purposely closed up my membership site and cancelled tens of thousands of dollars of recurring income. It was a BIG deal. That was a BIG leap of faith. 

My family relies on me to help pay the bills so I needed that income but I had huge trust in my abilities to move the dial and recreate that income. Recreate it I did or in large part. 

HOWEVER I’ve spent the last seven months in a mode of constant SCRAMBLE to earn an income. Every month starting from $0 or close to it in income and having to find the customers I need to meet my obligations. 

It was not fun. Not fun at all. 

I haven’t been in this position since the early years of my business, around, 2009 or so, when I had little to no recurring income. 100% no recommended. 

Building Recurring Income

If you want a business where you are not in a constant hustle for money then I highly recommend you start implementing recurring income into your business NOW. 

I had been working with some form of recurring income since 2010.When you have recurring income you have:

Peace of mind knowing money is coming in no matter what new marketing you do. A baseline of income you can build on. The ability to take a break when you need it, or rest, or plan, create strategies, etc. 

In the months of this year that I’ve been seeking just the right income to recreate I’ve identified four types that you might want to consider seriously. 

Here they are ranked in order of commitment required to implement:

1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Network Marketing
3. Subscription Offers
4. Membership Site

Quick notes on each:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

It costs no money to join an affiliate program. If you pick one that is on a recurring payment, like Aweber (affiliate link), you can get paid year after year for making ONE sale. You did the work one time and then a person pays month after month and Aweber sends you that commission monthly (or yearly if they pay yearly).

Pretty awesome, right?

Take a look!

Here’s my Aweber stats. I haven’t promoted this program since around 2016-2017 and yet I’m still making money. A small bit, for sure, but if I’d had put more than minimum effort in that could still be a nice recurring income right now: 
The key to making this kind of recurring income work is to find affiliate programs that have staying power, like email software. 

2. Network Marketing

I’m not suggesting you join a company that makes it’s distributors buy the product and that’s where the recurring income comes from. 

Find a company with a PRODUCT that is sold to the customers that has some sort of recurring or reorder or add-on order system that creates the environment for you to earn and KEEP a customer long term. 

Network marketing has the additional recurring value of earning a commission on the team you build as well. 

I fell in love with Juice Plus for the products. Initially it was the Tower Garden.

Shortly after I discovered the whole food supplements which are something that people buy already. Knowing the supplements are far superior to most of what’s on the market and that people take them and reorder certainly caught my attention! 

With Juice Plus one customer can stick with me for YEARS, just like you can create in affiliate marketing.

3. Subscription Offers

You can easily add subscription offers to a product or service you offer regularly. 

It’s less of a commitment than a membership site but with the same kind of perks!

 I decided I’m going to do a minimum of one workshop per month at Party Plan DivasDivas so at the same time as launching the first workshop for $35 I also offered a $20/month workshop subscription

About half the people who signed up took the subscription! That was a fast way to start building my recurring income with my own offer. 

4. Membership Site

The membership is the “all-in” option when you know that you want to really dig in with your community and offers for the long-term. 

A membership site has so many rewards but it’s a big commitment so you want to be ready. 

The power of community can’t be denied.

It creates amazing bonds with your community and can lead to even bigger things (think coaching, group training and conferences/ retreats, etc). 

If you want to learn about how to build a highly successful membership site I can’t think of anyone better to teach you than my close friend Cindy Bidar. Cindy’s membership, Six Figure Systems, has over 400 members and she built her membership from the group up just a few short years ago.

That’s VERY impressive! 

Cindy is my accountability partner, we talk EVERY day. There isn’t someone I trust more to deliver you an excellent training on the topics she offers. We’ve met in person several times and have know each other about 15 years or so! Here’s a picture of us at a beach retreat for business owners:

I asked Cindy if she could sneak me a discount on her membership training and she gave me 40% off. If you’d like to grab it at the link below I’ll also include my own training, Membership Impact, for free. 

Here is it:
Membership Site Mastery – Coupon Code: MEMBER40

Whatever you do – please take recurring income seriously. Not only is a lifesaver on the month to month… it’s ESSENTIAL when life pops up. What if I can’t work for two months for whatever reason? Right now I’d be REALLY concerned but I’m on it – I’m building up my recurring income so that when life comes up and gives me a knock (it happens to us all), I’ll be ready! 

Wishing you all the best and lots of lifestyle freedom! 

Two Things You Need for a Sustainable Business

Since my son Hayden was born in 2002 I have been selling things online.

At the beginning of 2020 I joked that I was isolating LONG BEFORE it was cool.

It’s not so funny anymore because isolating gets old but working from home, for me, NEVER got old.

I’ve been teaching others how to sell online or helping them do it through services since 2005! I LOVE showing people how to use the internet to build a lifestyle that they can control.

I have TONS of experience in so many things.

In the services area I was a Virtual Assistant, a Writer, an Editor, an Affiliate Manager, a WordPress Designer/Developer and more I probably forget.
I owned a writing agency where I had a team of writers pumping out great articles for websites.

I created my first business when Hayden was four months old out of a small investment from my parents. I partnered with my dad and we turned the garage into a production facility. We could whip up 120 bars of soap at a time and whip up soap we did! I created my first eCommerce store for that business in 2002 from a free software and I made my first online sale of a physical product – what a thrill!

I’ve been in network marketing selling everything from RESPs, Soy Candles, Lipstick, Workouts and now I’m so in love with selling Tower Gardens and capsules filled with literal dehydrated fruits and veggies (Juice Plus).

I’ve logged WELL over the 10,000 hours they say you need to have to become an expert at something.
If there are two things I know how to do after succeeding for almost twenty years doing them, they are:

Build Connections – You can’t make sales unless people actually WANT to buy from you. In order for people to want to buy from you they need to LIKE you. In order for people to like you they need to get to KNOW you. I know how to do this. I know how to let people get to know me without giving away my privacy (which I know many people fear) or worry about being judged (which also is a big deal for many, I’ve been there for sure). I know how to build real, lasting, true connections so it’s absolutely a win-win for all involved.

This is a picture of just a small smattering of friends who I’ve met in business and who then became customers, partners, clients, etc. Making money with REAL people, REAL friends, is the BEST. These ladies are: Alexis Rodrigo, Cindy Bidar, Crystal McNerney, Cherry-Ann Carew, Fran Watson, Jackie Brown and Rayven Monique

Make Sales – From the outside looking in it seems like making the sale is hard. Being inauthentic and pushy and trying to get people to do exactly what you want when you want for your own selfish reasons, that’s hard and I don’t recommend it AT ALL. But getting sales is EASY when you just tell people what you have to offer and you let them decide.

Talk soon. πŸ™‚

Re: Relationships

Here are some of the things I think that matter most when building a business that stands the test of time (in no particular order):

  • Relationships
  • Consistency
  • Direction
  • Visibility
  • Service
  • Authenticity
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Results
  • Impact
  • Pride
  • Sales
  • Profit

For me, these combined create a business that is profitable, that I’m proud of and that rewards me financially over and over again.

Today I wanted to talk about relationships with you, the first item.

When I first got online I just wanted to sell soap from my website. I figured I’d just put up a website, sell to strangers on the internet and go about my daily life.

But then I started looking for help and I found these online communities of people in forums who became my friends (long before Facebook).

I had no idea at the time how very important and valuable those friendships would be to my long-term success!

You’ve heard it before that people do business they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. That’s not just a catchy thing to say, it’s TRUE. And if you’re trying to get people to know, like and trust you at the time you are launching your program then you are making your work multiple times harder than it needs to be and you’re risking it being unauthentic and ineffective.

Let me be really clear on what I mean and how relationships help your business. I’m going to give you the steps to take to make relationship building a business task:

  • Step 1: Connect with people you like and have something in common.
  • Step 2: Build an actual, real, beneficial relationship with them.
  • Step 3: Offer ways to work together when it makes sense.

Let’s break this down a bit more:

Step 1: Connect with people you like

Let me give you examples:

  • I became friends with Charlotte Caunter of HealthShero last year when I joined Juice Plus and ever since I’ve connected with her as I asked her questions to grow my business. I thought she was awesome and she says she thinks I’m awesome so then we met up to go to events and we took our kids to hang out on the beach. She’s my FRIEND. My BFF as Ella calls her lol! And now we know when they’re an opportunity that fits for us both to work together, either of us can reach out.
  • I met Cindy Bidar of on one of the original forums I joined back in 2005 and since then I’ve hired her, we’ve promoted each others products countless times as affiliates and we’ve been accountability partners for YEARS. It’s been amazing to grow our businesses together and that’s what friends who’ve built a relationship do.
  • Tawnya Sutherland of VANetworking and I met many years ago when I was a Virtual Assistant and we’ve partnered together many times. I’ve been a speaker at her training, VA Viruosos, more than anyone else as of the last event and we’ve both promoted each other as affiliates.

That initial connection to building relationships is really as simple as find a human you like and start talking to them. You can see where it goes from there. Don’t push it, let it develop naturally or not. Keep repeating this! You need to build many relationships so that you have opportunities that are mutually beneficial all around.

Step 2: Build an Actual, Real, Beneficial Relationship With Them

Not everyone you meet will become a friend or you’ll be able to build a relationship with but when you find someone who you have mutual appreciation with, foster that. Connect with new people in pure interest of building a relationship. Be interested in them, offer to listen to what they’re doing or what they have to offer!

This benefits you because you now have the information you need to decide if you can work together.

One of the best ways to connect with people is to find out what you have in common. You can often find this out through their website, social media or if you have a mutual friend in common that’s great, too.

People often ask me how to find affiliates. That’s easy – ask the people you have a relationship with! Now many people just getting started having built those relationships and so now the question becomes how to build relationships… and that’s what I’m answering for you in this email.

Don’t forget your customers, either! I’ve become friends with so many of my customers because I care about them as people and their success. I’ve also become friends with people I’ve bought from, as well, by showing them my appreciation for the products I’ve purchased. That started the conversation, often by my sending a testimonial, and we took it from there.

This is important! It works! Just because you’re reading it in an email and not a paid product (it could be) don’t dismiss the value of this information. What I’m giving you right here is a major key to building a long-term, profitable, sustainable business.

By the way if you are thinking that I had 19 years to build relationships and that’s why I’m where I am. Yes, I did have 19 years but in the last year I’ve made dozens of new connections and a few of those have turned into great relationships already that have also already turned into partnerships.

You can have friends and partnerships within 3-6 months. It doesn’t have to take years.

Step 3 – Offer Ways to Work Together When it Makes Sense

Once steps 1 & 2 are in place then you are set up for the results, the partnerships.

This is where you can find affiliates, be invited to events as a speaker, do guest blog posts, get or give referrals, etc.

Your friends are the people who know you best, they’re the ones rooting for you, they’re the people you want to be selling your products, telling others about you and more! It makes the most sense πŸ˜‰

p.s. As you build your friendships you’ll also want to be super SMART with your time. Everything you do in your business can likely be done faster if you’ve not been tracking the most effective actions. In order to do that I’ve written a quick and precise guide on how to do more in less time. It’s only $15 under Wednesday and you can buy it here: Your Time-Freedom Action Guide