Tips for Video or Webinar Freelancers


My friend Michelle Schoen of Screencast Video Services has been providing video and webinar services to clients for many years. It’s not one of those “HOT” VA Markets like Social Media Manager but it IS a very profitable market will very little competition, that can pay very well. Sounds good to me, and you? I’ve…

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Legit or Scam: Can You REALLY Make Money Working From Home?


I quit my job in 2007. A while after I left one of my co-workers was talking to a friend of mine and said I quit my job to do “some work at home Amway scam“…. I thought it was funny at the time because it was extremely obvious she’d not listened when I told…

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Day 6 Internet Marketing Journal: A Baby Changes Everything


Ok truth be told I’m not really feeling like blogging today … but a promise is a promise! It’s actually a really good way to FORCE yourself to blog, this journalling thing (which is what blogs were originally meant to be now wasn’t it 😉 ) Today was a busy day so really not a…

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Day 5 Internet Marketing Journal: Build Your List


This week has flown by! It’s been great to journal out the things I’m doing as it’s given me real insight into what tasks I’m accomplishing, what I’m not getting to and what is on my prority list. My life is hectic as a stay at home mom to a toddler girl so I know…

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Day 4 Internet Marketing Journal: Living a Laptop Lifestyle


Today is Daycare Day! Yippee! My little, sweetest in the world toddler-girly hasn’t been to daycare for a couple of weeks because she goes on Thursdays which happened to fall on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve this year. So with her home and my son out of school for two weeks it’s been an…

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Day 3 Internet Marketing Journal: Life is Unpredictable


Life is pretty unpredictable around here. Actually that’s a lie, it’s pretty routine around being unroutine if that makes ANY sense. Let me explain: My fiance works 12 hour shifts, overnight. He’s gone five days a week one week and two days a week another week. He works every second weekend and he works Monday,…

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Day 2 Internet Marketing Journal: Avoiding Distraction?


I LOVE facebook and like many I’m likely seriously addicted to the immediate feedback aspect. For years I fought the idea of doing business on Facebook and for years I fought being distracted by facebook, then, I just EMBRACED it! Now I do a lot of things on facebook (like this journal) to engage my…

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Day 1 Internet Marketing Journal: MonDAY of Productivity


I’d love to tell you I’ve got my life all together and my family runs like a well-oiled machine. I’d like to say I’m super organized and get up at the crack of dawn to get some extremely productive work in… But I can’t. It’s hectic. It’s messy. There’s crying (toddler). There’s attitude (teen). There’s…

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Proven List-Builder Case Study: Giveaway Events


List Building is no joke. It’s the ‘bread and butter’ of any online business. You MUST be building your email list, period. But you know that. You’re not here for me to convince you to build your list. You’re here because you want to build a great list, fast, with minimal effort, right? You’re busy,…

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Do This: One Thing to Effectively Plan a Successful New Year


There aren’t too many things I’ll tell you that are MUST-DO’s in business. That’s what I LOVE about running my own business… the flexibility, the freedom, the ability to be unique. This, however, I consider a MUST DO: I’ve coached and mentored a lot of people over the years and most recently through my year-long…

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