Affiliate Internet Marketing: How I’m getting on leaderboards


Every once in a while I find myself on an affiliate leaderboard for a product I’ve been promoting. Most of the time it’s a surprise. For example a couple of years ago or so I won $300 as an affiliate for Coach Glue. Initially I didn’t even realize they were having an affiliate contest but…

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Who Should Buy eCover Authority (and why)…


Over the last few days I’ve been telling you about eCover Authority and that’s on sale now until FRIDAY for a one-time payment of less than $40! The regular price is $97 per year. Maybe you saw my emails and are not sure it’s for you? If so I’m going to try to answer any questions you might…

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How to get your mojo back.


I’ve been in what I’m calling a ‘funk’. It’s been long-term. I can say it started back when I broke my ankle in February of 2013, continued on through the tough early days of parenting a new life and is finally breaking just now. I have to add, though, that even though I wasn’t at…

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WP Theme Choice: iThemes Builder to OptimizePress


Well big changes have been happening here at Marketer’s Mojo. One of the biggest being a complete redesign with a new theme, OptimizePress . Years ago I used OptimizePress on my salespage websites for my coaching programs. You see back then I had a separate WordPress install for EACH of my coaching programs, which in…

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Blogging: Why I Decided to Delete My Blog & Start From Scratch


I started blogging here at Marketer’s Mojo back in 2008. Wow. 2008. So very much has changed in the last seven years. On a personal level I’m in such a different place now than I was when I started blogging.  We got a dog, became first-time home-owners, I broke my ankle, we had a baby……

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