No Credibility? No Problem: How to Start a Business Without Experience


In conversation with one of my Protege coaching clients the other day, I was asked how to sell online and earn money when you have absolutely no credibility in your niche. My client said she had no experience at all in anything she could transfer to an online business. I get it. There’s a BIG…

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How to Write a Sticky Note Business Plan


I recently got an email from a potential client that was all too familiar. She had spent lots of money on courses and materials to learn to get a website up, do email marketing, social media and all kinds of things. However, she was still frustrated, wasn’t making money and didn’t know what to do…

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Entrepreneurs Business Passion: Time to Check In?


My slogan here at Marketer’s Mojo a while ago was ‘Love Your Business, Love Your Life’. I’m not sure why I took it down but I’m always playing with my brand and having new ideas and it likely got lost in the mix. There was a very specific reason WHY I used that logo. I…

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Affiliate Internet Marketing: How I’m getting on leaderboards


Every once in a while I find myself on an affiliate leaderboard for a product I’ve been promoting. Most of the time it’s a surprise. For example a couple of years ago or so I won $300 as an affiliate for Coach Glue. Initially I didn’t even realize they were having an affiliate contest but…

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Who Should Buy eCover Authority (and why)…


Over the last few days I’ve been telling you about eCover Authority and that’s on sale now until FRIDAY for a one-time payment of less than $40! The regular price is $97 per year. Maybe you saw my emails and are not sure it’s for you? If so I’m going to try to answer any questions you might…

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How to get your mojo back.


I’ve been in what I’m calling a ‘funk’. It’s been long-term. I can say it started back when I broke my ankle in February of 2013, continued on through the tough early days of parenting a new life and is finally breaking just now. I have to add, though, that even though I wasn’t at…

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WP Theme Choice: iThemes Builder to OptimizePress


Well big changes have been happening here at Marketer’s Mojo. One of the biggest being a complete redesign with a new theme, OptimizePress . Years ago I used OptimizePress on my salespage websites for my coaching programs. You see back then I had a separate WordPress install for EACH of my coaching programs, which in…

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Blogging: Why I Decided to Delete My Blog & Start From Scratch


I started blogging here at Marketer’s Mojo back in 2008. Wow. 2008. So very much has changed in the last seven years. On a personal level I’m in such a different place now than I was when I started blogging.  We got a dog, became first-time home-owners, I broke my ankle, we had a baby……

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